Kingdom Kush

The Kingdom Kush. This strain was bred to honor the North East Kingdom of Vermont. The Kingdom has always been known to the cannabis enthusiasts on the East Coast as the home of great flower. This strain is a strong hybrid that has a slight sativa tip. A sweet smelling flower that profiles as skunk, sweet berries, and a sour citrus finish. Truly a one of a kind.

FLOWER TIME: 8-9 Weeks
PARENTS: Temple Kush X Lethal Purple


Bill The Spaceman Lee. Bill is a former Boston Redsox and Montreal Expos pitcher. He was the first professional athlete ever to be on the cover of High Times magazine. He was well know for being and advocate of legalizing cannabis. We felt it was long overdue for a strain to be named after him. His strain is a twisty hybrid, just like his pitches. It has an incredible smell, with earthy notes as well as a berry finish.This strain will send you to outer space as well as keep you couch locked here on planet Earth. 

FLOWER TIME: 7-8 Weeks

PARENTS: O.S.P. (Lethal Purple X Buckeye Purple) X Purple Mind Fuck

Old School Purps

Old School Purps, A.K.A. the O.S.P. This heavy indica has large dense beautifully colored buds. The smell is floral incense with fresh sweet berries.The color is deep engrained in the genetics.  If you are looking for an extremely relaxing strain with a bag appeal that is unmatched the O.S.P. is what you are looking for.

FLOWER TIME: 8-9 Weeks
PARENTS: Lethal Purple X Buckeye Purple